5 Reasons why Hashnode is best for beginner bloggers


Hello Hashies!

I have always thought about creating a blog, and the reason for that is to reinforce the learning I have gained from school. I have researched a ton of how-tos on becoming a blogger. Anyone who comes across this article might be thinking about what Hashnode is and how it will benefit from starting a blog.

The one that's holding me back is the effort I need to go through to start a blog was the platform I needed to use and where to find an audience.

Hashnode is a free-blogging platform where people can gather ideas and share them with people who are in tech, developers, and engineers. From what I have noticed, Hashnode may be more than that. For that matter, here are reasons Hashnode is the best for beginner bloggers.

1. Hashnode is blogger/writer-friendly. christin-hume-Hcfwew744z4-unsplash.jpg align="center"

The platform's user interfaces and feel appeal to beginner writers/bloggers. I was blown away when I noticed people could instantly write and share their thoughts. This had me typing all this in an instant.

2. Hashnode helps your content to grow with an audience.

gioavana-thayane-Cjm0MAIVrik-unsplash.jpg Hashnode has an audience that may help your blog to grow and improve. They held hackathons and writing events and a supportive community. They have a discord channel that you can go to and ask for tips and new tricks to add to your personality.

Hashnode Discord Community

3. Customization at your fingertips


Hashnode gives you the freedom to customize your page, you can add HTML and CSS to your articles, and you can share code snippets for more accessible discussion on your code and more.

4. They help you create new ideas with their events.


Participating in their events and hackathons will help you to unlock your potential as a blogger pushing you to put out original content that may help you improve your writing and content creation.

5. Become an Ambassador Program.


They have a program that will help you to reach out to more audiences, and they have added more features for you to use and to flourish your blog.

Join as an Ambassador

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