CodeWithELLE: Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon Book Review

This is a book review that have inspired me what I can apply to the tech world. Reading helps me to discover new knowledge we can apply to our work.

I was looking forward to reading this book after saving up enough, especially when I heard it from a favorite youtuber whom I watch all the time. He recommended this book to read especially when you don't know how to start making art that resonates with you.

This book was a quick read and in the case of becoming a developer I needed some way to get inspiration about thinking creatively. "Steal like an Artist" is a book by Austin Kleon, a writer and an Artist.

He created the book “Newspaper Blackout", a great read as well.

Upon reading this book here are 8 things I learned that are applicable to programmers:

1.) Great Programmers steal code not copy.

Stealing code meant learning ideas and techniques that could help you improve. Copying code is not the best way to become a great programmer. Absorbing and applying what you've learned can help you understand the concept and be more efficient at work. Using an efficient technique to write well-written code.


2.) Collect right tools and snippets.

One of my habits is to save code snippets. A collection of things you like that you know you'll be able to use later will help you enjoy the creation process. Create a frictionless process by using the right tools to assist you in comfortably creating your code.


3.) Learn what you need to learn, do not limit yourself.

Learning new things, new technology, and new processes will help you improve and create better programs. Don't limit yourself to new information. Learning is another skill that you will need to master in this industry. This generation is jam-packed with information, and taking advantage of it will assist you in determining what you need to improve your programs.


4.) Create code/projects you care and like creating.

Projects that speak to you will inspire you to complete and broaden the scope of your work. The idea is that making things you care about will motivate you to keep doing what you're doing. This will help you maintain consistency and keep you entertained by doing what you enjoy.


5.) Go for walks and get away from the screens.

Taking time away from the screen to find inspiration outside is beneficial and healthy for us. Spending time outside has the effect of making you feel more connected to the outside world. Disconnecting from the online world for at least 15 minutes will allow you to breathe and refresh your mind.


6.) Share things you have learned.

Sharing what you've learned opens the door to absorbing what you've learned so far about the topic. This allows us to feed that knowledge and learn more about it. Social media is an excellent platform for sharing many wonderful things. I use a variety of social media platforms to help me share what I learn in this industry. Because you have shared the things you enjoy, you feel more accountable to create more and do more great works. Creating a community will lay a solid foundation and reputation for the subject.


7.) Stick to people who knows more than you.

I'm not suggesting dismissing those who are knowledgeable about the subject. I meant to look for people who are more knowledgeable about the material and the concept. This not only helps you grow, but it also helps you adapt to the various ways they attempt to fix the program. Surrounding yourself with successful developers motivates you to succeed as well.


8.) Leave out things you do not need.

Finally, eliminate any items, materials, or concepts that do not work for you. It's fine to be selective about what you want to include in your work. Getting rid of things that don't work for you not only lightens your load but also allows you to see where you're going much more clearly. Things that make you unhappy should not be in your bag. It should be discarded and replaced with items that you and only you enjoy using.


I hope you enjoyed my brief observations from reading this book; I highly recommend it. This book's knowledge is transferable to any topic, industry, etc. You can read it by clicking here.

To more reviews and topics to share with you guys! Happy Coding!

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