Starting my Journey to become an indie game dev.

stepping forward to learn game development.

Starting my Journey to become an indie game dev.

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My goal for this challenge to myself is to learn what I have procrastinated in doing. I have always been struggling to learn by myself ever since I came to Canada as an international student.

It's been almost two years ever since I came here, and I was dreaming of learning more from people in this industry. But apparently, I haven't met those people so doing it on my own is the goal, first settling on basic foundations and tapping into my creativity.

I am going to use Hashnode to document this journey and to establish an accountability measure here. I just love how easy it is to write and publish in the same spot. This is also a way for me to stop getting easily distracted.

Next, I am going to use Godot for this since I have heard a lot of great things about it. I want to put it to the test as a person who has no experience in using it. I have watched a lot of youtube videos discussing this game engine. It is open-sourced, cross-platform, and I can explore both 2D and 3D games.

To wrap this up, I may start a youtube live session to gain full focus in doing this work and step. So remember to visit my youtube channel, let's chat and brainstorm over there.

I'll write to you later coder!

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